Monday, August 28, 2006

The graduate job hunt continues...

This week looks like its going to be a hectic week for job hunting.

Tomorrow I've got a "chat" at a graduate recruitment .com who rather cheekily describe themselves as based in Soho, but I'd call it "round the back of Tottenham Court Road" myself. But anyway - from what I can tell they are a pretty small outfit, but I reckon it could be a great fun place to work. I'd be working on their main website, and a few of their smaller ones, doing ASP.NET so it sounds like it would be ace.

Last week I had a "Talent Acquisition" guy from a large international search .com phone me up about an application I'd sent in weeks ago - to cut a long story short I thought they'd just binned my CV, but it turns out they weren't going to have the job, then they were, then they weren't, and now they are again. It sounds really cool - working in a central web development team basically doing all of the HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc for all the portals on this .com (trust me there are a LOT!) as required. My application is with the technical guys who are giving it the once over, and hopefully they are going to setup a technical interview for me later on. Sounds great and looks like a great place to work, but I'm kinda concerned about the fact the job has been kinda uncertain...would I get the job then get made redundant in 6 months?!

Anyway, on Wednesday I am going to a first round interview of a HUGE IT company near Waterloo. Full suit and tie job this one so shitting it a bit already, but I guess I've been through enough of these things now to just sit back and relax and take it all on the chin. Unlike the two mentioned above its not a web development role - its a full on graduate IT consultancy role so I wont really be in my comfort zone, especially as I get the feeling this company is strictly a Java institution...should be interesting! From the looks of it this day is just an initial day to further cut down the number of candidates before what I assume will be a second round for the "real" interview.

Busy busy busy!

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