Friday, September 15, 2006

World to Matt: "Dont Exercise!"

Maybe the world is trying to tell me something. It seems for the past few weeks everything has been happening to try and stop me from exercising.

For starters, a few weeks ago I had an operation which meant that for a few days I could barely even standup let alone get to the gym. And because I was in so much pain, even just walking around the shops and stuff was a struggle so I just sat around doing nothing except grimacing and calculating when I was ready to take the next round of medication.

So anyway after a couple of weeks I was well enough to start going to the gym again. This went well for about 4 visits spread out over the last week or two. Yesterday I tried to get in and the barrier refused to move to let me in when I swiped my card. Sometimes it does this so I tried again - same thing. Slightly embarrassed I asked the guys on the desk what was going on and it turned out my gym membership had run out the day before. Because I don't know where I am going to end up living or working any time soon I decided to wait before renewing the membership - I dont want to pay £700 for the year then find out I am living and working miles and miles away. Apparently I cant even use the gym on a pro-rata basis either, so no more gym for me for the time being.

So anyway we get to today. Quite a nice day - sun is out but not too much, its warm but not too hot. "I know," I thought to myself "I'll get the old bike out and go for a ride!". So, after pumping up the tyres, I am back on a bike for the first time in years. It was actually kinda fun in a way - nice and calm and relaxing. I did a quick circuit around my local area and was on my way back when - right as I was turning right across a fairly busy road - the chain snapped. It didn't come off, or slip - it fucking snapped. So no more cycling for me either!

Oh and whilst I was writing this blog I just found out I got onto the graduate scheme I applied for at one of the world's best know IT companies so yay!

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